The OrientCrvToEdge command copies and aligns a curve to a surface edge.


1. Select a curve near an end.
2. Select a target surface edge.
3. Pick target edge points along the edge to align the curve.

Command-line options


The Copy option specifies whether or not the objects are copied. A plus sign appears at the cursor when copy mode is on.

Note: The RememberCopyOptions command determines whether the selected option is used as the default.

  History enabled.


Changes the normal direction of the surface.


Changes the direction of the curve.


If the curve already starts on the edge, it is copied to a new location on the edge with the same orientation as the original curve had to the surface.
If the curve does not start on the edge, it is rotated so the picked end of the curve is tangent to the surface and perpendicular to the edge.
If the curve tangent at the picked location is in the same direction as the active view's construction plane, the curve is not re-oriented to be tangent with the surface.

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