The Notes command opens a panel where text notes can be added to the model.


Notes also appear in Notes Document Properties, and in Windows Explorer previews.
Notes are saved with Rhino 3DM and IGES files.
Use Windows shortcut keys or right-click context menu to cut, copy, and paste to and from the Notes panel.
If the Notes panel is open when you save a model, it will be open next time the model is opened. This is useful if you want to make sure the person that opens the 3DM file sees the notes.
Notes can also be displayed in Windows Explorer. Right-click a 3DM file and select Properties.

Notes Panel

Panel options


In the Notes panel, type information you want to save with the model.

Notes in template files

Notes are read from 3DM templates when you use the New command.

Note: To prevent Rhino from reading these notes into new models, start the notes start with ' (apostrophe), # (number/pound sign) or // (slash slash) characters.

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