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Solid Edit Tools > Delete Faces

The DeleteFaces command removes selected faces from a mesh, SubD or Polysurface.

It is most effective in a shaded display mode since you can see and directly pick faces.


Supported input

  • Mesh/SubD/Polysurface faces


Mesh/SubD face loop selection (Post-selection)

To select an entire face loop

  1. Click a face.

  2. Double-click the next face that decides the loop direction.

To select a face loop range

  1. Click two faces in a loop.

  2. Double-click a face in between and next to one of the selected faces.

Select a face loop using pre-selection

Select a face loop using sub-object filter

To deselect a single face

To deselect a face loop

See also

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The MeshRepair command integrates many mesh cleanup commands into a single dialog.

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