Drag and drop a file in Windows Explorer

Model files

Drag any supported geometry file format from Windows Explorer, Rhino will:

Open the file.
Import the file into the current model.
Insert the file as a block, group, or geometry.
Attach the file to the current worksession.

Note: You can also start Rhino by dragging a text file with the .txt extension over a Rhino shortcut. This starts Rhino and runs the text file using the ReadCommandFile command.

Image files

Drag any supported image file type that makes textures (bmp, png, jpeg, hdr, exr).

Drag and drop on an object

If the object has a material assignment, the material diffuse texture is changed to the dragged texture.
Of the object has no material assignment, a new material is created with the image as the texture in the diffuse slot.

Drag and drop to a free space

A dialog box offers options.

Image Options


Runs the PictureFrame command with the image as the option.


Runs -ViewportProperties, Wallpaper, Set with the image as the option.


Either sets the current environment's texture to the dropped texture or creates a new basic environment with that texture and sets it current.

Texture Palette

Creates a new texture using the image.

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