Rhino Render

The Rhino Render options manage settings for the built-in rendering engine.


Two-stage render

Render and RenderPreview commands render the scene in two stages. Render the most important detail first to make sure it looks right. If it does, wait for the image to finish. If not, cancel the render and continue editing.

Select a rectangular area to render first.

Press Enter to use previous rectangle.

Press Esc for no rectangle.

The rest of the image is rendered automatically right after rendering and displaying the selected area.


Number of render threads

Controls the number of threads used for rendering. If you have a dual core or dual or quad CPU computer, you can speed up rendering by using multiple simultaneous render threads. There is very little overhead in setting up the multiple threads.

Thread priority

Controls the relative priority of the rendering compared to other processes. The lower the priority, the more responsive your computer will be while rendering, at the expense of rendering speed, and vice versa.

To save options


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

Note: When multiple sessions of Rhino are open at one time, changes made in the last Rhino session closed will be saved.

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