Arrange viewports

In addition to the commands in this topic, you can also:

Drag viewport edges to re size viewports.
Click the viewport title and drag to move the viewport.
Right-click the viewport title to access the viewport title menu.


The SplitViewportHorizontal command divides a viewport horizontally into two viewports.


The SplitViewportVertical command divides a viewport vertically into two viewports.


The PushViewportToBack command sends the active viewport behind all other viewports.


This is useful when you have rearranged your viewports so that they overlap each other.
This command together with the BringViewportToTop command let you create buttons that manage floating views.
These commands let you have floating render viewports that are exactly the same size as the renderings and can be easily managed by button scripts.


Make a viewport active.


The BringViewportToTop command brings a specified named viewport to the front of all other viewports.


In most cases, you can bring a viewport to the top by clicking in the viewport.


Type the name of the viewport to bring to the top.


The NextViewportToTop command displays the next viewport in front of all other viewports.

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