Extrusions enabled.

The Tube command draws a closed cylinder with a concentric cylindrical hole.


1. Pick the center and radius of the base.

Note: See the Circle command for option descriptions.

2. After drawing the base circle, pick the radius/diameter for the second tube wall.
3. Pick the end of the tube or type a height.

Command-line options

Direction constraint options

Direction constraints restrict the direction of the circle.


The center can be anywhere in 3-D space.

The second point can be placed anywhere using elevator mode, object snaps or other modeling aids.


Draws an object perpendicular to the construction plane.

Pick the center and a radius or diameter.


Draws a circle perpendicular to a curve.

Select a curve and pick the center of the circle on the curve and a Radius or Diameter.


The BothSides option draws the object on both sides of the start point, creating the object twice as long as you indicate.

The BothSides option demonstrated with the Line command.


Specifies the value for the distance between the inside and outside of the tube.

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