The TruncatedPyramid command draws a pyramid whose apex is truncated by a plane.


1. Draw the base polygon.

Note: See the Polygon command for option descriptions.

2. Pick the end of the pyramid (apex).


Type a number to set the height.

Positive numbers set the height above the base. Negative numbers set the height below the base.

3. Pick a radius or type a distance for the top surface.

Command-line options

Direction constraint options

Direction constraints restrict the direction of the circle.


The center can be anywhere in 3-D space.

The second point can be placed anywhere using elevator mode, object snaps or other modeling aids.


Draws an object perpendicular to the construction plane.

Pick the center and a radius or diameter.


Draws a circle perpendicular to a curve.

Select a curve and pick the center of the circle on the curve and a Radius or Diameter.


The Solid option fills the base with a surface to form a closed solid.

See also

Create solid objects

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