The RotateCamera command rotates the view around the camera.


Specify a command line option.

Command-line options


Rotate the target down.


Rotate the target left.


Rotate the target right.


Rotate the target up.

Rotate camera with the mouse in perspective views

Press Ctrl and Alt and drag with the right mouse button.

Ctrl + Alt +

Press Shift in addition to lock the camera rotation horizontally or vertically.

+ Shift

The direction is determined by the relative location of the cursor to the point where the right mouse button was pressed down. If the cursor is more to the left or right than up or down, the rotation is locked horizontally, and vice versa.

See also

Navigate in the viewports

View options

Manage pan, zoom, named views rotate, dynamic redraw, viewport linking, single-click maximize, default lens length options.


Toggle between WalkAbout and normal navigation modes.

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