The EditText command opens an edit box in the viewport for changing selected text, dimension, or annotation dot.


1. Select or double-click the dimension, text, or dot.

For text and dots, the display text appears in the edit box.

For dimensions, <> appears in the edit box. This indicates the dimension determined by the measured value. This value can be changed or augmented using the edit box.

2. Click away from the edit box to save the changes or press Esc to cancel.

Command-line option


Sets the font size for the edit box display.

Edit Box Options

Cut, Copy, Paste

Right-click in the edit box to display the Clipboard menu.


When checked, the text wraps within the edit box and the text will wrap to match.

When unchecked, the edit box expands to accommodate the text. Press Enter to add line breaks manually.

See also

Use text and dimensions for annotation


Create annotation text.


Set the font, bold, italic, height.

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