The DragMode command specifies the plane object dragging will be parallel to.


Specify a command line option.

Command-line options


Allows dragging a curve/surface control point along the control polygons that connect to it.


When dragging multiple control points press Shift key to make all points move the same absolute amount instead of moving proportionally based on the length of each control polygon chord.


Sets object dragging parallel to the construction plane.


Sets surface control point dragging to conform to the surface u-, v-, and normal directions.


Sets object dragging parallel to the view plane.


Sets object dragging parallel to the world x-y plane.


Sets object dragging to the next mode in the list.


The DragStrength command sets the amount of drag strength for Gumball and for dragging objects, including control points.

The command when the control is open the drag strength can be set numerically, or using the spinners or the slider. The spinners halve or double the drag strength per click. When the control is closed, drag strength is reset to 100%. However, the control remembers its setting within an editing session and will reset the drag strength when the control is reopened.

See also

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Displays the gumball widget on a selected object facilitating move, scale, and rotate transformations around the gumball origin.

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