The DraftAnglePoint command places a point object at a surface's draft angle break location.

Draft angle is used to design injection-molded parts that must eject from molds.


Select a surface near the draft point, and press Enter.


One way to find locations on the surface close to the desired draft angle is to turn on DraftAngleAnlaysis. Set the upper and lower limits to bracket the desired angle closely. For example, if the angle is 5, set the limits to 4.9 and 5.1.
Use a dense analysis mesh. Points can then be picked along the strip dividing the red from the blue parts of the surface. The pick will then produce a draft angle point.

Command-line options


The angle in world coordinates of a line tangent to the surface at the draft angle point.


The direction of the part ejection in world coordinates.


Restricts the point placement to an edge.

See also

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