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Themes determine the layout of the Rhino window. Themes let you customize what the main modeling window looks like.

Themes also determine how commands and command options are displayed. Presets put the command entry field in the left sidebar.

Rhino for Mac

Configures some of the options to favor Mac users.

Rhino for Windows

Activates the ribbon bar. When the ribbon bar is active, you can no longer pick the Commands sidebar tool palette, because selecting different tabs in the ribbon bar also can change the sidebar palette contents.


Enables all options. The Custom theme lets you use the Command Options dialog box, which puts the command entry and command options in floating windows rather than as part of the modeling window.

Themes options

Top of window

Specifies whether a ribbon bar or a tool palette displays at the top of the modeling window.

Show ribbon bar

Displays the ribbon bar at the top of the modeling window.

Show top tool palette

Displays a tool palette at the top of the modeling window.

Show palette

Specifies which tool palette will display.

Commands sidebar

Specifies the behavior of the Left sidebar.

Use command options dialog

Displays command options in a floating dialog.

Command options in sidebar

Displays command options in the Left sidebar.

Include Osnaps panel in command sidebar

Displays the Osnap panel in the Left sidebar

Sidebar palette

Specifies which tool palette displays in the Left sidebar.

Inspectors sidebar

The inspector panels appear in Right sidebar.

Number of sections

Specifies the number of panels in the Right sidebar. Up to six panels can be displayed

Open a new modeling window to see the changes.

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