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Selection Menu options control the location and appearance of the Selection Menu that appears when more than one object occupies the pick area.

Selection Menu

To set options from the Selection Menu

Dialog placement

Specifies the location where the menu will display.

Follow cursor

The Selection Menu appears at the cursor. If this setting is off, the Selection Menu will always appear in the last position it was placed.

X offset/Y offset ___ pixels

Specifies the amount in pixels in the x and y directions the Selection Menu will be away from the cursor.

Dialog height

Specifies the number of objects that display in the Selection Menu.

Automatic height

Expands the menu until all objects are displayed or the number specified in the Max automatic height setting is reached.

Max automatic height ___ items

The maximum number of object to be displayed when the Automatic height setting is selected.

Dialog appearance

Show titlebar and border

Specifies the display of the title bar and border.

Turn off to save space.

Right-click to set options.


Specifies the object descriptions that display in the menu.

Show object name/type

Displays the object name if it has one, otherwise displays the object type.

Show object type/layer/color

Displays the object type, layer, or color.

Show curve type details

Displays the type of object when possible: polyline, joined, line, linear, circle, arc, elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic.

Show "All" option

Allows selecting all of the objects listed in the Selection Menu.


Dynamic highlight

Controls whether the objects highlight or not as you move the mouse over the items in the selection menu.

Custom highlight color

Sets the object's highlight color while moving the mouse cursor in the Selection Menu.

Highlight color

Click to select a custom color for the highlighted objects.

Save option settings for use on other computers


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

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