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The Mouse options control mouse operation for selecting and dragging.


Mouse group select


Drag a rectangle from left to right for window select. Drag a rectangle from right to left for crossing select.

Crossing Box

Always uses a crossing selection unless you use SelWindow command.

Window Box

Always uses a window selection unless you use SelCrossing command.

Force a window/crossing/combo selection any time by pressing Alt and dragging with the left mouse button. This lets you start your window/crossing very near objects that would otherwise be selected by a single pick.

Middle mouse button

Choose what action is performed either by clicking the middle mouse button on a three-button mouse or by pressing the wheel on a wheeled mouse.

Most-recently used commands popup menu

Pops up two-part menu at the cursor location. You can list your favorite commands in the top section. The bottom section is the list of most recent commands used.

Popup this Toolbar

Choose a toolbar or a container to pop up at the cursor location. Create a toolbar or a container containing your favorite commands for quick access.

Run this Macro

Lists a series of commands that run when you click the middle mouse button.

Manipulate view

Click and hold to access the default middle button actions: Popup menu, Popup this toolbar, or Run this macro.

Pan (press Alt or Shift to rotate; press Ctrl to zoom)

Pans the view.

Alt or Shift + middle mouse button rotates the view.

Rotate (press Shift to pan; press Ctrl to zoom)

Rotates the view.

Swap pan and zoom (press Ctrl to pan; press Shift to zoom)

Swaps the Shift and Ctrl key behavior for middle mouse button.

Shift + middle mouse button zooms the view

Ctrl + middle mouse button pans the view.

To reverse the mouse wheel zoom direction, set the Zoom Scale factor to a value larger than 1 in View Options

Click and drag

Drag selected objects only

Lets you drag just the objects that are already selected. Enabling this option can prevent accidental dragging.

Control point drag threshold ___ pixels

The distance in pixels you must drag control points before the drag initiates. Set to higher values for high-resolution display. This helps prevent accidental dragging.

Object drag threshold ___ pixels

The distance in pixels you must drag objects before the drag initiates. Set to higher values for high-resolution display. This helps prevent accidental dragging.

Right mouse button

Enable click-and-hold context menus

Displays a context menu with right mouse button click, hold and release in a viewport.

Context menu delay ___ milliseconds

Number of milliseconds you must click and hold the right mouse button to display the context menus.

  • Set 0 to make a right-click immediately display the context menu and stop repeating the last command.


Allow selection of sub-objects

When disabled, Ctrl+Shift+Click does not select sub-objects and objects in block instances, but it still selects objects in groups.

Allow selecting objects with points on

When disabled, objects with control points on cannot be selected, but they still accept material dropping.

Turn on control points when selecting a curve, light, clipping plane or annotation

Turns on control points automatically when only one object of these types is selected. This does not apply to objects in models attached to a worksession.

Make control polygon pickable

Makes control polygons that connect two NURBS or SubD control points selectable.

Double-click a control polygon to select an entire row of NURBS or SubD control points.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default system values. All custom appearance settings will be lost.

See also


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