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Toolbars page manages the appearance of toolbar buttons.

New toolbar system in Rhino 8

Rhino 8 uses a new toolbar system very different from the previous versions. The default toolbars are read-only and embedded in the Rhino app. Changes made to the default toolbars are stored in the associated xml file in:


Linked toolbar files (*.rui) also have the xml files if their toolbars were ever edited. Deleting the xml file restores the original toolbars in the rui file.

Toolbar Button Options


Controls the image size of toolbar buttons.

Cascade delay (in milliseconds)

The default delay timing is 400 ms. It means the linked toolbar of a button will appear after you click and hold the left mouse button 400 ms.

Cascade as menu

Shows flyout toolbars (left) as menus (right).


Maximum recent buttons

Sets how many command buttons (up to 50) can display on the Recently Used toolbar.

The Recently Used toolbar is a special toolbar with the buttons dynamically updated when you click any toolbar buttons.

Linked RUI Files

Open RUI file

Loads an existing .rui file.


Creates a blank .rui file and load it at the same time. You will be prompted to save a .rui file.

Close RUI file

Unloads the selected rui file.

Options menu

This menu provides the same Open, New, and Close functions as above. The extra Save function allows saving toolbar changes to the .rui file. Otherwise, the changes are only stored in the xml file associated to the rui file.

Restore Defaults

Resets the settings in the current page to factory defaults.

Using toolbars




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