Texture Type Browser

Start from scratch

Create a new texture based on one of the default texture types.


Import a Rhino texture (*.rtex) or a supported image file on the disk.

Bitmap Texture

Select an image to create a new Bitmap Texture.

High Dynamic Range Texture

Select an *.hdr or *.ext file to create a new High Dynamic Range Texture.


There are several texture types in Rhino. The Category drop-down menu allows filtering the texture list by types.


Lists all texture types.

2D Procedural
3D Procedural
  • Procedural textures are created using mathematical algorithms instead of bitmap images. They use less storage space.

  • Procedural textures in Rhino 8 do not need texture baking in the Rendered and Raytraced display modes. When you zoom in close to an object, the procedural texture will always stay sharp, and will not pixelate.

  • For rendering and the Raytraced viewport, procedural textures need to be baked as bitmap images to the specified resolution. Information about texture baking...


Start from existing

Select an existing texture as the template to create a new texture.

Make a copy

Create a standalone texture from the selected texture.

Share all settings

Create a texture instance from the selected texture. The settings in the two textures are linked.

Show tree view

Display the tree structure of the existing render content items on the left.




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