Work with blocks, groups, and worksessions

Blocks, groups and worksessions are methods for organizing model elements.

Work with blocks

Blocks are named groups of objects that act as a single object in your model. Blocks are useful for repeated objects such as symbols or components. Blocks save you time since you can reuse the components instead of re-drawing them each time. An advantage of using blocks for repeated content is that using blocks requires less memory. In addition, you can redefine a block and all of the instances placed in the model will update.


Define a block object.


Allow selecting a block instance to change the block geometry and update the block definition.


Manage the block definitions.


Copy a linked block with Reference style layers.


Explode a block including any nested blocks into component objects.


Save selected objects to a new file.


Save objects to a new file with a specified origin and construction plane.


Insert block objects stored in the file or import a file as a block definition.


Set a world origin that is used when inserting the model into another.


Replace block instances with a different block definition.

Work with groups

Grouping objects allows selecting multiple objects by picking one of the group components. Groups can be nested and named.


Organize objects into a single component.


Add an object to a selected group.


Detach objects from their parent group.


Remove the group status from objects.


Name a group.

Use worksessions

Worksessions allow multiple users to access the same models to use as reference geometry. A worksession is a list of models that can be viewed, snapped to, copied from and otherwise used as a reference for working on the active model.


Manage a list of models that can be used as reference geometry.

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