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Ctrl + F

The FindText command searches for specified text in selected text blocks, dimensions, leaders, and dots.


  1. Start the FindText command.
  2. Select annotations, press Enter.
  3. Enter the text string to find.

Find options

Find what

Enter text string to search for.

Look in
Entire document

Searches the whole file.

Current layer

Searches the current layer only.

Match case

Match the capitalization of the search string.

Match whole word

Match only if a whole word is found, not when the string is part of another word.

Use wildcards

Use normal search wildcard (? or *) characters to replace parts of the word.

A question mark (?) in the pattern matches a single character.

An asterisk (*) in the pattern matches zero or more occurrences of any character.


Pans to the text in the model.


Zooms in on the text in the model.


Select the text in the model when found.

Find Next

Finds the next text block with the string in it.

Find All

Finds all of the text blocks with the string in it.


Cancels the search.

See also

Use text and dimensions for annotation




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