Environment thumbnail context menu

These settings also appear on right-click context menus for the thumbnail previews and the thumbnail background.

Save to File

Saves a texture to a Rhino .renv file.

Reset to Defaults

Changes all of the texture settings a blank environment.


Deletes the selected environment.


Tag textures to group or categorize environments to make searching easier.


Copies the selected environment to a new texture with the same settings.

Remove Instancing

Removes the connection between instanced environment.

Save as Image

Saves the selected environment as a bitmap image.

Update Preview Now

Refreshes preview thumbnails.

Floating Preview

Floats the preview image in a resizable window.

Show Labels

Displays thumbnail name labels when in Grid mode.

List mode always displays labels.

Show Units

Displays size in model units.

Auto-Update Preview

Automatically updates all previews as settings change.


Closes the large preview window.

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