The Mesh properties manage the mesh settings for the current model.

Whenever you shade or render a NURBS surface, the surface first converts into a polygon mesh. These detailed render mesh options control the way in which the NURBS surfaces convert to polygon meshes.

You may want to adjust these values if you are not satisfied with the default shade and render quality.


The meshes created with the Mesh command are visible and editable and separate from the NURBS objects they were created from.
The meshes created by any shaded viewport display mode on NURBS surfaces and polysurfaces are invisible, not editable, and cannot be separated from the NURBS object, except to destroy them with the RefreshShade command or to use the ExtractRenderMesh command.

Render mesh quality

Jagged & faster

Uses a lower density mesh to shade objects more quickly with some loss of quality.

Smooth & slower

Uses a higher density mesh to shade objects more accurately with some loss of speed.


Displays simple polygon mesh controls.


The mesh is drawn as a preview in the viewports, and the dialog box stays on screen for more adjustments.

Custom options


Uses a formula to control how close the polygon edges are to the original surface. Values between 0 and 1. Larger values result in a mesh with a higher polygon count.

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