The Linetype properties manage the linetype patterns for the current model.

Using linetypes displays curves using dashed or dotted.
Linetypes are assigned as object and layer properties.
Linetypes affect only curve objects - not surfaces, solids, or other object types.










Linetypes are defined by a comma-separated list of dash and gap lengths (in model units), always starting with a dash. A zero-length dash is a dot.


Sets the display scale for linetypes to inches.


Sets the display scale for linetypes to millimeters.


Adds a linetype definition.


Deletes a linetype definition.


Browse for any supported file type that could contain linetypes.

In the Import Linetypes dialog box, select the linetypes to import.

To set linetypes on objects

In Object Properties, under Linetypes, click an option.

The default object linetype is By Layer.

To set linetypes on layers

In the Layers panel, in the Linetypes column, select an option.

- or -

Use the SetLayerLinetype command.

To define linetypes

Use the controls to add a new type.

To create a new linetype

1. Click Add.

A new linetype is added to the list.

2. Click the name to rename it.
3. While the new linetype is active, in the Pattern edit box specify the pattern for the linetype.


"1,1" specifies a pattern with a 1-unit dash, followed by a 1-unit space.

"2,.5" specifies a pattern with a 2-unit dash, followed by a 0.5-unit space.

"1,.25,.25,.25" specifies a pattern with a 1-unit dash, .25-unit space, .25-unit dash, .25-unit space.

Complex dash-space patterns can be created this way.

Linetype units

In Rhino linetype files, specify units with a designator. All subsequent line patterns will use the specified units. You can change back and forth within a single file. If neither designator is found, mm is used.



Sets subsequent line patterns to mm units.


Sets subsequent line patterns to inch units.

To use linetypes defined in another Rhino model

In Linetypes Document Properties, click Import to load linetype patterns from a Rhino file or an .lin file.

Define linetypes in the template files.

Copy a line with the linetype definition and paste it into your current model.

Linetypes are stored in the Rhino support folder.

Using AutoCAD linetype files

1. Copy your acad.lin file into the folder


2. Copy the contents of acad.lin and paste into the existing Rhino file.

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