The Grid properties manage the grid settings for the current model.


The grid is an array of lines lying on a portion of the construction plane in the viewport.
The construction plane is infinite. The grid covers only a specified portion of it.
Grid settings control the spacing of the grid lines and the visibility of the grid, grid axes, and world axes icon.

Apply grid changes to

Active viewport only (<active viewport name>)

Uses the grid settings in the named active viewport only.

All viewports

Applies the grid settings to all viewports.

Grid properties

Grid line count

Defines the number of minor grid lines. The maximum size of the grid is 100,000 lines.

Minor grid lines every ___ <current units>

In Rhino units, defines the spacing of the minor grid lines.

Major lines every ___ minor grid lines

Defines the major grid line interval.

Show grid lines

Toggles the visibility of the construction plane grid.

Show grid axes

Toggles the visibility of the grid x- and y-axes.

Grid axes (1), world axis icon (2).

Show world axis icon

Toggles the visibility of the world coordinate icon in the bottom left corner of a viewport.

Grid snap

Snap spacing ___ <current units>

Sets the grid snap spacing in Rhino units.

See also

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