The HandleCurve command draws illustration-program-style chained Bézier curves.


1. Pick the first curve point.
2. Pick a handle location.
3. Repeat the steps to place additional points, and press Enter to end the command.

Command-line options

Alt key

Press Alt to place a kink.

Ctrl key

Press Ctrl to place the point.


Closes the curve when the cursor moves close to the curve's start point.

AutoClose steps

1. Move the cursor close to the start point of the curve, and pick.

The curve will close.

2. Press the Alt key to suspend automatic closing.


Closes the curve smoothly, creating a periodic curve.


Closes the curve with a kink, creating a non-periodic curve.


The PersistentClose option closes the curve as soon as there are two points placed.

Note: If you continue to pick points, the curve updates the shape while remaining closed.


The Undo option reverses the last action.

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