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The ArrayPolar command copies objects around a central location.


1. Select the objects.
2. Pick the Center of the array.

The rotation axis for the polar array is the z-direction of the active construction plane at the chosen point

3. Type the number of items and press Enter.
4. Enter a value of 2 or more.
5. Type the angle to fill.

Copies of the selected objects appear, rotated around the axis defined by the center point.

Command-line options


Displays a dynamic preview.

You can change the options and the preview will update.


Enter the angle between objects.

StepAngle=20 (left) and StepAngle=30 (right).


Rotates the objects as they are arrayed.

Rotate=No (left) and Rotate=Yes (right).


Moves each arrayed object in the z-direction by the value specified.

ZOffset=0 (left) and ZOffset=1 (right).

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