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The Appearance options define the colors and visibility of Rhino display items.

Language used for display

Sets the language used for the Rhino interface. You can select from the list of available languages.

Need to add more languages?

Command prompt

These settings affect the appearance of the command prompt and the command history window.


The text appearance.

Text size

Sets the font size.


Sets the background color.

Text color

Sets the color of the text.

Hover color

Sets the color that displays when the mouse hovers over an option at the command prompt.

Echo prompts to history

Allows the command prompt to move into a command history window after use. Turn this off to see only the command name in the history window and not the prompts.

Autocomplete commands

Turns on automatic command completion when typing at the command prompt.

Use fuzzy autocomplete

When enabled, in-line autocomplete suggests the most used candidate. For example, LI most likely autocompletes to Line rather than something like LimitReferenceModel, and the autocomplete menu contains best partial and inexact matches.

When disabled, autocomplete uses the first letters of the command name in an alphabetical list.

Direction arrow icon

Shaft size

Sets the length of the shaft for the arrows in the Dir command.

Arrowhead size

Sets the size of the arrowhead for the arrows in the Dir command.

Default direction arrow shaft and head size.

Size of arrow shaft and head doubled.

Show the following items


Toggles the visibility of menus.

Command prompt

Toggles the command area display.

Status bar

Toggles the visibility of the status bar.

Viewport titles

Toggles the visibility of the viewport titles.

Main window title bar

Toggles the visibility of the Rhino main window title bar.

Full path in title bar

Displays the full path to the model in the title bar.


Toggles the display of full-screen crosshairs.

Viewport tabs at start

Displays viewport tabs by default when Rhino starts.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default system values. All custom appearance settings will be lost.

Save options for use on other computers


Save Options settings to a file.


Restore Options settings from a file.

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