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The WalkAbout command toggles the viewport navigation between WalkAbout mode and normal navigation mode.

WalkAbout mode changes the way the mouse actions, the arrow keys and the Shift key and Ctrl mouse combinations work.

The viewport title changes to "WalkAbout" to indicate WalkAbout mode.

Use the Camera command, Show option to see the camera movement in the other viewports.

WalkAbout actions

Right mouse button drag

Control yaw and pitch of the camera (turning your head and looking up or down).

Mouse wheel

Walk/dolly the camera forward and backward.

Shift + Mouse wheel

Zoom the camera in/out in the direction of the target.

Ctrl + Right mouse button drag

Move the camera toward/away from the target.

Ctrl + Shift + Right mouse button drag

Rotate the camera around the target and auto-target an object.

Auto-targeting means that the camera will rotate around a shaded object that the WalkAbout view’s crosshairs touch. Auto-targeting will also work in Wireframe viewports if the objects have been previously shaded.

You can use the right-mouse-button drag to rotate the target around the camera, aim at an object, and then press Shift + Ctrl and click and drag the right-mouse-button to rotate the camera around the object.

If you are dexterous, you can press the right-mouse-button and then the left-mouse button and hold them down at the same time to target an object and rotate the camera.

Shift + Right mouse button drag

Pan the camera.

Up Arrow

Walk/dolly the camera forward.

Down Arrow

Walk/dolly the camera backward.

Left & Right Arrow

Walk/dolly the camera side-to-side.

Page Up

Increments the step size.

Page Down

Decrements the step size.

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