Manage Rhino options

Rhino Options


Advanced options list all option settings in one place including some settings not exposed in the Options dialog.


Alerter performs an operation if a specified command takes longer than a user-specified duration.

Alerter options manage the settings for the Alerter.


Aliases run individual Rhino commands or scripts.

You can type command aliases just like normal Rhino commands. You can use them to create abbreviations for often used commands or command scripts. You can also use them to make Rhino share command names with another product.


Appearance options define the colors and visibility of Rhino display items.


Color options manage and define the colors of the Rhino interface.

Context Menu

Context Menu options manage the menu that appears when you right-click, hold and release in a viewport when nothing is selected.

Control Point Menu

Control Point Menu options manage the menu that appears when you right-click, hold and release in a viewport when objects are selected.

Object Menu

Object Menu options manage the menu that appears when you right-click, hold and release in a viewport when objects are selected.


Files options manage templates, backup files, file saving and locking.

Search Paths

Search Paths options manage locations to search for bitmaps that used for render texture and bump maps.


General options control menu functions, undo, and start-up commands.

Idle Processor

Idle Processor options schedule commands to be run when Rhino has been inactive for a user-specified period.

For example, you could have Rhino automatically save your current document or start a time-consuming rendering.


Keyboard options manage keyboard shortcuts to run Rhino commands or scripts.


Libraries options set the folder locations for the Libraries for this computer.

By default, the content libraries are a sub-folder of the My Documents folder, but you can set this to any folder.


Licenses options display the license status of the current Rhino license.

Modeling Aids

Modeling Aids options manage settings for grid and object snaps and construction planes.


Nudge options manage the arrow key actions.


SmartTrack options manage settings for SmartTrack.

Cursor ToolTips

Cursor tooltips place information at the cursor location.

Cursor Tooltips options manage the appearance and content of the information.


Gumball options manage the options for the Gumball widget on a selected object.


Mouse options control mouse operation for selecting and dragging.


Plug-ins options manage plug-in programs loading and enabling.


Rendering options control settings that apply to all renderers and all documents.

Rhino Render Options

Rhino Render options manage settings for the built-in rendering engine.


RhinoScript options set script configurations.

Selection Menu

Selection Menu options control the location and appearance of the Selection Menu that appears when more than one object occupies the pick area.


Toolbars options manage the toolbars and toolbar buttons.

Sizes and Styles

Sizes and Styles options manage the toolbar tab and button appearance.

Updates and Statistics

Rhino automatically downloads service releases to your computer and notifies you when they are ready to install.

Updates and Statistics options control when updates are downloaded.


View options manage view controls.

Display Modes

Display Modes options manage the appearance of the viewport display modes.


OpenGL options manage display options for OpenGL accelerator graphics cards.

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