Other Settings

Tools > Options > View > Display Modes > [Mode Name] > Other Settings

User interface options

Include in View's display menu

Displays the custom display mode in the viewport title and View menus.

Include in Shade command modes

Offers the custom display mode as an option for the Shade command.

Allow assignment to individual objects

Allows applying this display mode to objects with the SetObjectDisplayMode command.

View Scaling

Horizontal scale

Expands the view and grid horizontally.

Vertical scale

Expands the view and grid vertically.

Display pipeline assignment


The display pipeline handles all the drawing of viewports - wireframe, shaded, ghosted, etc. The drawing is either handled by Windows or by OpenGL graphics cards.

Windows (Wireframe modes only)

Realtime renderer assignment

Realtime display engine

If a plugin provides a realtime display engine, it will appear on this list. Rhino provides the Raytraced mode.





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