History enabled.

Extrusions enabled.

The Slab command offsets a curve, extrudes and caps the result to create a solid.


1. Select a curve.

Note: The Slab command uses the construction plane in the view where you pick the offset as the ground plane. The Slab command offsets the curve to create a base for the slab and then extrudes the base to make a solid with mitered corners.

2. Pick a side to offset.
3. Pick a distance.
4. Pick the height.

Command-line options


Sets the offset distance.


Offsets through a picked point instead of at a distance.


The BothSides option draws the object on both sides of the start point, creating the object twice as long as you indicate.

The BothSides option demonstrated with the Line command.


The curve is offset in the plane of the original curve. This option offsets the curve in the plane of the current construction plane instead.

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