The PointCloudSection command creates a planar curve by intersecting a plane with a cloud of points.


1. Select point or point cloud objects, and press Enter.
2. Pick the start of the section plane.
3. Pick the end of the section plane, and press Enter.

Section curves are created by intersecting the points with the section plane, which is perpendicular to the construction plane.

Point Cloud Section Options

Curve creation options

Create smooth curves

Creates a smooth curve. You can create both a curve and a polyline.

Create polylines

Creates a polyline. You can create both a curve and a polyline.

Create open/closed curves

Creates a open or closed curves.

Fitting tolerance

The tolerance used to fit the curve through the polyline.

Point sampling options

Maximum distance to plane

The thickness of the "slab" around the plane from which sample points are taken. Those sample points are projected to the section plane and a polyline is found that connects them. This distance depends on the size of the point cloud and the spacing of the points.

Minimum distance between points

A threshold for the minimum spacing between adjacent sample points. If there are points closer than that, some are not used.

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