The PointCloud command creates a set of vertices from selected point objects or a mesh object to facilitate selection and faster display.

The point cloud object type improves Rhino's performance when handling a large number of point objects imported from external files.

You can use the point cloud object to group any number of individual points into a single object, minimizing the amount of storage in the 3DM file and maintaining performance. You can snap and select points in the cloud as if they were just point objects. A point cloud is similar to a mesh object that does not display any wires between vertices.


Select point objects, mesh objects, and point clouds.

To create a point cloud from a mesh object

Select the mesh object first and then run the PointCloud command.

To free all points in a point cloud

Use the Explode command.

Command-line options


Adds points and point clouds to an existing point cloud.


Removes selected points from a point cloud.

See also


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