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The Pipe command creates a surface with a circular profile around curves.


1. Select one curve.
2. Pick the start radius at the beginning of the pipe.
3. If the curve is closed, pick the radius for the pipe.
4. Pick the radius at the end of the pipe.
5. Pick a point for the next radius, or press Enter to end the command.

Command-line options


Selects surface edges that are touching the selected curve.


Allows selecting more than one curve.

Pipe options


Toggle between picking a Radius and picking a Diameter.


Determines whether the pipe has two walls or one.

Thick steps

1. Pick the first start radius.
2. Pick the second start radius.
3. Pick the first end radius.
4. Pick the second end radius.


Specifies how to cap the ends.


No cap.


Cap with planar surface.


Cap with hemispherical surface.


If the curve is a polycurve of lines and arcs, the curve is fit and a single surface is created; otherwise the result is a polysurface with joined surfaces created from the polycurve segments.

FitRail=Yes (left) and FitRail=No (right).

ShapeBlending (Single curve only)


The pipe radius stays constant at the ends and changes more rapidly in the middle.


The radius is linearly blended from one end to the other, creating pipes that taper from one radius to the other.

WallThickness (Single curve only)

Specifies the value for the distance between the inside and outside of the pipe.

Negative numbers make the first radius the outer core.

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