The MoveUVN command moves selected surface control points along the surface u-, v-, and normal directions.



Moves a control point in the u-, v-, or normal direction.


Sets the scale of the sliders in Rhino units.

UV Move mode

Along tangent

The u- and v-sliders move the points in a plane that is roughly tangent to the surface.

Along control polygon

The u- and v-sliders move the points along control polygon chords.

Along extensions

The control point will move along the imaginary extensions of the control polygon.

U Symmetry / V Symmetry

Makes it possible to edit two sides of a symmetrical surface at the same time. You must select all points to edit.


Use smoothing before MoveUVN to make it possible to combine the actions. Smoothing tends to even out the control point grid, and the other controls can be used for making small changes to the shape.

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