The ExtractSrf command separates or copies a polysurface face.


Select the surfaces.


The surfaces are separated from the polysurfaces. The remainder of each polysurface will stay joined.
The extracted surface is also removed from any groups to which the original surface may belong.
To remove a surface from the selection, press Ctrl while clicking.
When you are extracting a surface from the polysurface the ExtractSrf command can save you a lot of time (as opposed to Explode). This is because it lets you extract only the selected surfaces from the polysurface, and so there is not as much joining work to do afterward.

Command-line options


The Copy option specifies whether or not the objects are copied. A plus sign appears at the cursor when copy mode is on.

Note: The RememberCopyOptions command determines whether the selected option is used as the default.


Specifies the layer for the results of the command.


Places the results on the current layer.


Places the results on the same layer as the input curve.

See also

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