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The Blend command creates a curve that blends between two curves maintaining continuity with the input curves.


1. Select the first curve near the end where you want the blend to start.
2. Select the second curve near the end where you want the blend to end.


If the curves meet at the ends, the blend starts at the pick point.
You can slide the base point along the input curves.

Command-line options


When Continuity = Tangent or Curvature, allows you to blend a curve to a surface edge perpendicular to the surface with continuity.


When Continuity = Tangent or Curvature, orients the direction of the blend curve other than perpendicular to the edge. You will usually need reference geometry to select since you cannot type in an angle value.

In this case, to make a curve to use in the Sweep2 command with vertical ends but not be a trimmed surface, snap the angle to the upper endpoints of the vertical reference lines.

Hold Shift to restrict the angle direction by ortho but keeping it tangent to the edge curve.

In the video, the red curves are blended at the angle determined by the vertical blue construction lines.

Continuity options

These options set the continuity for each end of the blend.

Continuity 1 / Continuity 2

Sets the continuity option between the blend curve and the input curves or edges.

See also

Fillet, blend, or chamfer between curves and surfaces

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