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The ArrayCrv command copies objects spaced along a curve.


1. Select objects to array.
2. Select a path curve near the end where you want the array to start.

Or use the Basepoint option

3. Specify the number of elements to array or the spacing distance along the curve.
4. Type a value of 1 or more for the number of elements.

Command-line options


When the object to be arrayed is not on the curve and should be moved to the curve prior to the array, the Basepoint option establishes a reference location that will be move to the curve.


Distance between items

Specify the distance between items. The number of items is determined by the length of the curve.

Number of items

Type the number of items to array along the curve.



Objects are rotated in three dimensions as they are arrayed along the path curve.

No rotation

The objects do not rotate as they are arrayed, but remain in their original orientation.


Objects follow the curve but maintain a consistent up-direction relative to the construction plane.

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