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The Array command copies objects spaced in columns, rows, and levels in the x-, y-, and z-directions.


1. Select the objects.

The array directions are the x-, y-, and z-directions of the active construction plane.

2. Type the number of copies in the x-direction, and press Enter.
3. Type values of 1 or more for the number of copies.
4. Type the number of copies in the y-direction.
5. Type the number of copies in the z-direction.
6. Pick the corners of a rectangle that defines the unit cell (x- and y-spacing) distance.
7. Pick the height of the unit cell, or press Enter to use the width distance.

Or, specify the distances for the x-spacing, y-spacing, and z-spacing.

8. Press Enter to accept the array or change the options.

Command-line options



Changes the number of objects in the x, y, and z-directions.


Displays a dynamic preview.

You can change the options and the preview will update.



Changes the spacing in the x, y and z-directions.

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