The ApplyMesh command fits a mesh that has the same number of mesh vertices as a source mesh onto a surface.

This is useful for creating morph targets.

See Wikipedia: Morph target animation.


If the surface is trimmed, the mesh matches the untrimmed surface.
ApplyMesh succeeds only on meshes that are generated from NURBS objects that have embedded the u- and v-direction information.
If you are making morph targets, mesh the most complex surface first, and then apply that mesh to the simpler surface.
ApplyMesh is sensitive to the u- and v-directions of a surface. Use the Dir command to swap the u-direction and v-directions.

Mesh vertex

The location where the edges of the mesh faces meet. The mesh vertex (plural vertices) contains x-, y-, and z-coordinates and may contain a vector normal, a color value, and texture coordinates.


1. Select a mesh.
2. Select the target surface.

See also


Create a mesh from a NURBS surface or polysurface.

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